Our Biggest Birthday Party Yet!

Yesterday, August 27th, two boats each carrying 30 guests, left front Brandt’s Landing on Orcas Island heading to Patos Island for our 124th Birthday Party. Imagine our little lighthouse with 70+ visitors inside (some guests were already visiting Patos) and you can imagine it was quite a crowd!IMG_0275

Speeches were made, memories were shared and our own Patos Bill LaVergne (who was stationed on the island in the early 1950s) made a plea for the funds necessary to replace the flag and pole on Patos Island. We were even led in a lovely lighthouse song by two of our guests, everyone harmonizing along…what next, the Patos Island Lighthouse Choir?IMG_0274








Next we all went outside to share cakes and lemonade (thanks Denise and Dawn!) and to pose for a group “photo” set up by aerial photographer, Chris Teren….but this year our photo was taken by a drone!!! What would residents of 100 years ago made of that!?!






Now everyone had time to explore the new displays in the lighthouse. A LOT of hard work has gone into producing the displays and it sure shows. They are absolutely gorgeous! The team that put this together consisted of KOPL members, Board members, our fearless leader Victoria, historian, Edrie, and designer, Jill.  The results are out of this world. IMG_0279






All wonderful things must come to an end as as all the guests said goodbye to the lighthouse and walked down the trail back to the boats, we all agreed that this had been the best birthday celebration ever….but who knows what next year…the 125th….will bring????

Patos Bill does a little flag waving...

Patos Bill does a little flag waving…


Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

IMG_0266 IMG_0265 IMG_0262 IMG_0261 IMG_0259 IMG_0257 untitled-5402


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