Update on State Parks

Gov. Jay Inslee asked state parks to remain open Friday, as legislators have told the governor they will deliver a budget for him to sign that night.

State lawmakers and the governor are confident they will get a budget deal passed by the Friday night deadline in time to avoid a partial state government shutdown Saturday morning.

If legislators do not deliver a budget, state agencies will need to initiate a partial government shutdown. In that case, state parks will begin closing Saturday.

About 32,000 state employees would be laid off, effective Saturday morning, if the deal is not signed into law by midnight Friday.

Mike Sternback, assistant director of Washington State Parks, said closing the parks at 12:01 Saturday morning is not feasible.

All of the agency’s 850 employees would be laid off if the shutdown happens.

He said arriving campers would need to be turned away Friday and those already in the park would likely be told to leave Friday afternoon.

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Patos Lighthouse Open This Weekend? Maybe Not….

We won’t know until Friday June 30th whether State Parks will be closing down due to lack of a budget decision in Olympia. We depend completely on State parks and employees to take our docent volunteers out to docent at the Patos Lighthouse. So no State Parks, no open lighthouse. How far the ripple effect of decisions or non-decisions of govt officials go.



Still Room on the June 22nd Work Party Boat!

There are still a couple spaces on the State Parks boat going out to Patos Island early on June 22nd. To sign up and/or if you have questions, please contact Sandy Evans, Work Party leader, at: evans.sandy@frontier.comDSCF5786

Get Your Washington State Lighthouse Guide!

Get Your Washington State Lighthouse Guide!

Coupeville, Wash.

Lighthouse Environmental Programs has published a new Washington State lighthouse visitor’s guide. The free brochure includes five lighthouse loop routes, as well as maps and information to help residents and visitors learn about local and maritime history.

Besides providing travel information for lighthouse enthusiasts, LEP also organizes and manages funds and grants from specialty Washington lighthouse license plate sales.

Lighthouse license plates have provided nearly $150,000 in grants since 2009. Most of this money has been used for material costs involved in restoring or maintaining lighthouses or for obtaining historic expertise; labor is often donated by local businesses or performed by teams of dedicated volunteers.

The specialty lighthouse license plates can be used on cars, motorcycles, trailers or RVs. For each license plate sold and renewed, LEP receives $28, an amount that is tax-deductible for the driver.

To download a free copy of the new lighthouse guide, or to learn more about purchasing a lighthouse license plate for yourself or a loved one, go to: www.washingtonlighthouses.org

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Overnight Camp Out Work Party a Great Success

On April 20th, 10 intrepid Keepers of the Patos Light Volunteers arrived on Patos Island, courtesy of Washing State Parks, for an overnight Camp Out. Trails were cut back, grass was weed whipped, campsites were cleaned and the annual blackberry whacking began anew. Everyone had a great time and the crew left the island with a huge sense of accomplishment.

Thanks to all the volunteers who participated and a special thank you goes out to Sandy Evans, who organizes  all KOPL volunteer work parties…check our calendar for work party opportunities for the summer and into the fall.


All photographs, courtesy of AleK Taylor-Hope of Orcas Island, Thanks Alek!!!!untitled-5376 untitled-5379 untitled-5383 untitled-5402 untitled-5429 untitled-5444 untitled-5446 untitled-5447 untitled-5459